Shelves N Storage

A great tool for home and self organization.

LITE Version

FULL Version

Shelves N Storage is an inventory storage management application which will help track items on your shelves, cabinets, boxes, filing folders and other types of storages. You can add images of your storages and items and you can quickly find your items using the search facility.

With a configurable layout, Shelves N Storage allows you to create your storage to match the shape of your shelves or cabinets making it much easier to find what you are looking for. Our rows (tiers) and columns system allow for the ease in which to add and remove items. Storage rows and columns help speed the process in finding your items.

Shelves N Storage with photo image of storages and items allow you to quickly identify the storage and item you are looking for, and help confirm the item you are trying to find.

Shelves N Storage will allow you to manage your home. With location you can find out if your items are stored in the home office, lounge room, main bedroom or in the kitchen.

Shelves N Storage is not just limited to shelf storage as it can be used to help in the home or work office. Help find documents in filing cabinets and filing boxes. It can be used to quickly find that statement you have placed in storage. It can also be used to store your todo list, task list or grocery list. The inventory storage management possibilities are limitless.

Features of the LITE version:

What is different about the FULL version? The FULL version allows unlimited number of storage and item records. You can import item data from csv or txt files.